Spaceteam packaging on top of included cards


Archduke is a fast-paced card game of strategy, memory, and a little bit of sabotage.

2-6 PLAYERS | 15-25 MINS. | AGES 12+

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How to play

In Archduke, you'll travel sunrise to sunset in a race through distant sand dunes and uncharted seas. To be the fastest explorer you'll need to travel light. Watch and learn how to play Archduke with our quick video.

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Spaceteam packaging on top of included cards

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In your travels, you've acquired countless invaluable objects, but to travel light, you must part with the heaviest ones...

Example of a hand in Archduke


Your hand will begin with four cards. You'll look at two of them at the start of the game. All cards are placed face-down, so make sure to remember what was where.

High cards bad

Over the course of a round, you'll have opportunities to swap cards. Your goal is to discard or swap as many high cards as possible, to stay light.

Example of a swap action in Archduke
Example of a hand in Archduke

Keep an eye out for these
Special Cards

These cards come in all weights and sizes. The power lies in how skillfully you can swap or play them. Perfect for a little sabotage or a quick grab.

Stay Sharp
Get Rewarded

If your opponent discards a card that you know to have in your hand, you can throw it on top. But be quick, you can only discard matched cards until the next player begins their turn! Pay attention, and you may have one less card to worry about!

Example of a swap action in Archduke

Score is kept by screen-printed wood tokens collected each round. Be the traveler with the lowest score at the end of four rounds, and you win!

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Archduke is very easy to learn. You can get a game started in under 5 minutes. Watch our video to learn how to play.

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